Brett Holman over at Air Minded has put together a fascinating analysis of the military historioblogosphere.  He analyzes relevant blogging statistics for 2006-07, including the number of new blogs, subject areas, gender, nationality, and popularity.  In this last category I was surprised and pleased to learn that according to the Technorati Rankings Civil War Memory is the second most popular blog in the field right behind Mark Grimsley’s Blog Them Out of the Stone Age.  Here is how Holman explains the category:

State2007technorati_2 "The top five most popular blogs in the military historioblogosphere, by Technorati rank. Here, lower numbers (shorter bars) are better, meaning higher popularity. I didn’t think to check this last year, so unfortunately there are no comparative data. It’s still interesting, though. As expected, War Historian (AKA Blog Them Out of the Stone Age) is the most popular blog in the military historioblogosphere; it just breaks into the top 50,000 of all blogs. Civil War Memory comes in a very creditable second; also no surprise. Most remarkable is Investigations of a Dog, which as I have remarked previously has very quickly become entrenched as a must-read blog — and hosting the Military History Carnival is only going to increase its popularity and Technorati ranking! Then follows, a long way back and close together, *modest cough* Airminded and Military History."

I’ve been reading Mark’s blog for a few years now and have always had a great deal of respect for his scholarship and the range of his postings.  If this site has anything close to the affect that Mark’s blog has had on the way we think about our past than I would have done my job.

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