I finally got around to setting up an account over at which is a social bookmarking service.  Many of you out there are already familiar with this site, but for teachers who do not have their own web pages this is a great place to save websites for classroom use.  Of course you can use the bookmarking options on your internet service provider, but allows you to manage these sites by attaching tags.  Once saved you can see who else has tagged a particular site.  If you browse my page you will only see a few websites listed.  Most of them are videos that I’ve been showing in my survey and women’s history courses.  I’ve always found it difficult to keep track of websites that I use in the classroom throughout the year.  Best of all, students have access to your bookmarks which makes it possible for them to take advantage of the material on their own time.

The site also makes for an efficient research tool.  How many times have you printed something and forgotten to write the URL?  Again, you can categorize everything and it’s there at your fingertips.  If you haven’t explored this site it is well worth your time.  I’m sure there is a lot more that I can do with, but give me some time.

I may be slow, but I eventually get there.

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  • Kevin Levin Mar 28, 2007 @ 6:46

    Jeff and Jeremy, — Thanks for the tips as well as the links.

    Jeff, — Great to hear from you and glad to see that you’ve entered the blogosphere. I’ve added a link to your site. I was hoping to make the Virginia Forum this year, but I will be attending a teacher’s conference in Williamsburg. Look me up next time you are in C-Ville.

  • Jeff Mar 27, 2007 @ 22:50

    I added you as well ( It’s incredibly useful to be able to have other online historians sharing resources (especially primary collections, images, videos) as they run across them. The tagging feature is especially helpful as your number of bookmarked sites grows.

  • Jeremy Mar 27, 2007 @ 22:05

    Another thing that’s pretty handy in is the “network” feature. you can add other users to your network, and tag sites for other users. I added you to my network (I’m at You can view anything tagged for you in the “Links for You” section. there’s also an RSS feed for that section (and pretty much anything on, which is super-handy.

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