Civil War Conference at Kennesaw State University

The Third Annual Interpretations of the American Civil War Symposium will be held on May 4 and 5 at Kennesaw State University.  The title of this conference is "The Struggle Within: The Confederate Home Front."  Speakers include the following:

Professor George Rable (Keynote Address): “Blended History: New Approaches to Studying the Confederate
Home Front”

Professor Victoria Bynum: "Guerrilla Wars: Plain Folk
Resistance to the Confederacy”

Professor Kenneth Noe: "The Origins of Guerrilla War in West

Professor LeeAnn Whites: "’Corresponding to the Enemy:’
The Home Front as a Relational Field of Battle"

All four of the speakers are top-notch scholars.  This promises to be a very exciting and educational conference.  For more information click here.

Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth

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