Off to Fredericksburg: Remembering John Washington

I’ve been looking forward to my trip to Fredericksburg for a few weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.  Tonight the city of Fredericksburg will celebrate the memory of John Washington with a "dramatic presentation" and talk by historian David Blight.  Washington’s emancipation narrative has recently been edited and published by Blight.  Washington’s memoir chronicles his life as a slave in Fredericksburg, his decision to escape across the Rappahannock River in March 1862 and work for the Union army, and his eventual relocation to Washington, D.C.  Click here for information about this event. 

While events begin tonight at 7pm for the general public my day begins with a special tour of Washington’s life in Fredericksburg which will be led by historian John Hennessy and will include Professor Blight, and three generations of Washingtons who have made the trip from Florida.  As I mentioned earlier the descendants of Washington have only recently learned of this memoir; it will be very interesting to see how they respond.  Dinner will follow the tour and then we will head over to the Fredericksburg Baptist Church where the event will take place.  This promises to be a very emotional and educational experience. 

You can expect a full report and plenty of photographs. 

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