Thanksgiving and 20th High School Reunion

That’s right…I decided to attend my 20th high school reunion which will take place on Saturday in Atlantic City, New Jersey where I grew up.  I made the decision to attend a few weeks back though I am still a bit ambivalent about the whole thing.  That said, I am sure I will have a great time and enjoy having the opportunity to catch up with old friends.  I had a hell of a lot of fun in high school, plenty of friends, and very good teachers.  My high school was one block from the beach and three blocks from the closest casino.  Need I say more?  [The photograph to the left is of me and my friend Gary Poetsch, which appeared in the yearbook in 1987.  I don’t think I ever lost that smile.]

As much as I look forward to seeing those friends I wish I had an opportunity to talk with a few of my teachers.  My English teacher, Mrs. Goldstein, took an interest in me even if I showed little interest in her class.  The only books I read in high school were by Ayn Rand which influeced my thinking on just about every subject.  Mrs. Goldstein was a rabid liberal, but she never dismissed me though on more than one occasion she admitted (in her usual pleasant manner) that I was one of the most obnoxious students ever to set foot in her class.  I don’t doubt it for a second.  I have no doubt that Mrs. Goldstein would be horrified to hear that I am now a high school teacher, though I would like to think that her facial expression would change after talking with me for a few minutes.  There isn’t much left of that obnoxious – narrow minded young man.  I would like to think that I bring just a bit of her passion for teaching and ideas to my own classes.

Even better I will get to spend Thanksgiving with my family, including my grandmother who is 94 yrs old and still going strong.

I wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving.

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  • Eric Wittenberg Nov 25, 2007 @ 21:37

    Hey, Kevin,

    Since I was one of the ones who encouraged you to go, I’m curious to hear whether you enjoyed yourself. Did you have a good time at your reunion?


  • Andrew Duppstadt Nov 22, 2007 @ 7:13

    I agree completely, Matthew. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, for reasons much like what Kevin says in his post. It’s always been a family holiday for us, and in fact my grandparents, aunt & uncle, and two of the three cousins are visiting us this holiday. Enjoy the high school reunion and Happy Thanksgiving, Kevin!

  • matthew mckeon Nov 21, 2007 @ 21:06

    Happy Thanksgiving. It’s the best holiday of the year.

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