Reenactment of Lincoln-Hanks Wedding Scheduled for June 2008

It’s no surprise that the state of Kentucky would want to cash in on the Lincoln Bicentennial, but this seems to be just a bit of a stretch.  Does a reenactment of the Lincoln-Hanks wedding really stand a chance of attracting a substantial audience?  I don’t know, but it seems to me that a reenactment of Abraham Lincoln’s conception would be more relevant and more likely to attract attention.

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  • Heather Michon Jan 14, 2008 @ 14:32

    I’m almost intrigued enough to go. We made a trip around Kentucky this past summer, and stopped at this park when we were camping in Owensburg. Like most Kentucky State Parks, it’s multi-use, so the Lincoln Homestead is about a quarter-acre attached to a golf course in the middle of nowhere. The buildings aren’t original, and most of the artifacts are “reputed to belong to” the Hanks or Lincolns. It’s so falling-down and forlorn, maybe this is an attempt by the state parks’ system to get some money pumped into the site before everything crumbles to dust?

    There was an interesting post on A. Lincoln Blog discussing whether Jeff Davis also deserves a commemoration.

  • Brooks Simpson Jan 10, 2008 @ 10:50

    Only if you cover it in your blog. And they let you teach!

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