Trial Date Set for Teens in Confederate Monument Vandalism

The three white teenagers arrested for vandalizing a Confederate monument in Montgomery, Alabama will go to trial in April

Montgomery attorney Richard Keith said the teens had their
initial appearance in juvenile court Thursday and are set to
go to trial on April 10, but he hopes that won’t be necessary. My intentions are to resolve this case without a
trial, Keith said. "Basically, these are good
kids who have never been in trouble. These are not
terrorists, they’re not extremists."

Keith said the teens were good kids from good families. Any
punishment along the lines of community service with
restitution and an apology would be appropriate in such a
case, Keith said, adding that all three teens are very
bright students.  "That’s the irony with smart teenagers," he
said. "They’re intelligent but they’re
teenagers and can be immature."

That seems right to me.

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