Civil War Memory Rhyme

Update: David Corbett offered this alternative over at Walking in the Berkshires:

Kevin the Carpetbagger with his liberal opinions,
Delights in flogging the white Old Dominion,
Sadly, he’s a fish out of water and not a Virginian,
Pity the Civil War Memorist born white and not black,
The priviledged school teacher on the attack,
How different t’would be were inner city student his minons!

I love it  The insecurity is palpable!  Thanks Dave.

Tim Abbott of Walking in the Berkshires fame took on an AAABBA rhyme scheme meme and composed one for Civil War Memory.  Thanks for making my day Tim:

Unique among buffs is this fine Charlottes-villain,
He’s unmoved by manoevers, knows that war’s about killin’,
Black confederate myths to debunk he’s most willin’.
A fresh look at our past offers Civil War Mem’ry,
(And fresh templates as well, he’s gone through 43),
His High School is blessed, makes me wish I were still in! 

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  • Kevin Levin Feb 14, 2008 @ 6:47

    I am blessed to have such eccentric and talented readers (LOL). Thanks Mannie!

  • mannie gentile Feb 13, 2008 @ 20:51


    A haiku for you:

    Ebony rebs? No!

    says this pedant. The south

    rise again? It shan’t!


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