A Black Confederate on Ebay or “I think I went to high school with this guy. Is that you Jimmy?”

C04b_1[Hat-tip to John Hoptak]

Now you can own your own modern photo of a black Confederate for as little as $9.99.  Read on and try to control yourself:

Here’s the story: I
bought this some years ago on eBay as a item. To me, the
word means that it is a faithful copy of an actual,
period, artifact. This was not. The gal who sold it to me wouldn’t
refund my money, so I left the first negative feedback that I’d ever
had to leave.
   It is a neat photo of an African-American in a
Confederate uniform, holding a Colt .44 Army revolver and with a CS
Confederate belt plate showing. It’s glued to a very nice reproduction
carte d’viste (visiting card) stock backing with the name of an Atlanta
photographer on the reverse. That part is a great reproduction. The
photo itself, is not. It’s a modern photo.  Over the years, I
have found it to be a really good conversation piece when I include it
in a display while giving programs on the War Between the States. The
fact is that there were thousands of African-Americans who served the
Confederate Army, and they really do not get their historical due. Some
served as servants to their Masters. Others served as substitutes in
the place of their Masters. Some were free black soldiers who served
voluntarily for all the reasons that the average Confederate Soldier
served. Some served under duress, others of their own free will and
accord. Regardless of any person’s position as to the political
implications of the war, and of the service of African-American troops,
on either side, ALL of these men deserve to be remembered. This photo
is a good "shocker" to get people to ask questions and to get a
discussion going.  I’m downsizing my collection/accumulation of historical artifacts, so this one is going for well below what I paid for it.

It is commendable that this person is downsizing his collection of insignificant black Americans for the benefit of historical inquiry and discussion.  By the way does anyone out there really believe that this guy should have been refunded for his ignorance?  Thanks John.  You made my day.

Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth

“Levin’s study is the first of its kind to blueprint and then debunk the mythology of enslaved African Americans who allegedly served voluntarily in behalf of the Confederacy.”–Journal of Southern History

Purchase your copy today!

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  • Sean S. Mar 5, 2008 @ 17:45

    Its stuff like this that makes me really excited, when I visit Washington D.C. with my family next week, to go see the USCT memorial. After passing everyday on my way to work on the South Carolina state house grounds the noxious monuments to racists (Ben Tillman, Strom Thurmond) and that stupid flag flying, its a neat thing to see a monument to people who were fighting for a very real, and tangible freedom.

  • Brooks Simpson Mar 5, 2008 @ 15:10

    That will teach you not to pay in Confederate money … The George Pickett Mastercard … charge to your ruin …

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