Did Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson Subscribe to the Theory of Evolution?

My guess is that the good people at Exploration Films Television probably don’t think so.  They make films and documentaries for a Christian audience:

EFT believes that life is a wonderful discovery and they serve those
who are willing to embrace life to the fullest… those who are
curious, risky and insightful… people who love truth: true thinking,
true ideas and true facts. EFT’s powerful, high-quality stories are
some of the most unique around. Some of its titles include Incredible
Creatures That Defy Evolution, a three-volume series that exposes the
lies and assumptions of evolutionary theory; Warriors of Honor, a look
at the life and faith of two of America’s legendary generals Robert E
Lee and Stonewall Jackson; First Love, an historic reunion of
Jesus-Music pioneers; and Rebellion of Thought, a chronicle of two
brothers and their heart-rending struggle for authentic faith in a
post-modern culture.

I assume that Lee and Jackson are two of the "Incredible Creatures" that we can watch in the documentary challenging the theory of evolution.  After all, Lee and Jackson are the paradigm examples in favor of Intelligent Design since it is impossible to imagine that they were both simply the result of some kind of accident within the primordial soup.  More telling, however, is the listing of the Lee and Jackson film smack in the middle of two films that point to the dangers of a secular world. It gets us right back to my previous post which pointed out that we are wedded to an image of the Confederacy as defying the modern tendencies of the North during the war.  It’s the standard ahistorical distinction that we’ve grown accustomed to and which provides the moral framework for understanding the war that a large number of people continue to utilize.  This is a wonderful example of the ways in which history can get sucked into the culture wars: on the one side we have Lee, Jackson, God, and morality and on the other we find Grant, Sherman, atheism, and pragmatism.  For a sense of just how pervasive these assumptions surrounding Lee and Jackson are, keep in mind that EFT is based in Colorado and not in the South. 

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