American Experience Takes on Robert E. Lee

Many of you will be pleased to learn that Robert E. Lee will be the subject of an upcoming documentary for the American Experience series.  The episode is at least a year off, but I’ve had two telephone conversations with the director over the past few months.  Our discussions have centered on how Americans have chosen to remember Lee as well as broader issues related to Civil War memory.  It’s reassuring to know that important issues related to Lee and historical memory will be addressed in this episode.  Based on the quality of our conversations it looks like this is going to be a nice addition to what has become a very valuable series of history documentaries.  Stay tuned for updates. 

Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth

“Levin’s study is the first of its kind to blueprint and then debunk the mythology of enslaved African Americans who allegedly served voluntarily in behalf of the Confederacy.”–Journal of Southern History

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  • Kevin Levin Jul 9, 2008 @ 13:32

    Thanks Tim. The extent of my involvement has been minimal, though it is a rewarding feeling to be asked for my opinion on such matter.

  • Tim Lacy Jul 9, 2008 @ 11:56

    The American Experience series is just fantastic. It pleases me to no end, Kevin, to know that you’ll be a part of the Lee episode’s production. – Tim

  • John Jul 8, 2008 @ 19:22

    I too am looking forward to this documentary on Lee. I am consistently struck by the quality of programming on PBS as opposed to the History or Discovery channels, and they do it with a smaller budget. Long live PBS.

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