Upcoming Roundtable Talk

9780813124285For those of you in the Fredericksburg area I will be speaking to the Rappahannock Valley Civil War Roundtable this coming Monday evening.  I’ve cut back on roundtable visits for a number of reasons over the past few years, but I’ve enjoyed making the trip up Rt. 20 for this particular engagment for the last three years.  It’s a fairly large group, the dinner is always enjoyable, and the questions are always challenging.  This year my topic is the demobilization of the Army of Northern Virginia.  Last year I was invited by James I. Robertson and William C. Davis to contribute a chapter on the topic for their Virginia at War Series, which is being published by the University of Kentucky Press.  The third volume on 1863 was just recently published; my essay is slated for the 1865 volume.  I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing on a topic that I knew very little about at the beginning.

You can find information on time, place, and directions on their website.

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