Making a Difference

Itry to keep the tooting of my own horn to a minimum, but I think you will understand why I feel a need to share this recent email.  It’s from an acquaintance who teaches history at Elon University and it made my day.

We’ve met before, most recently I think at last summer’s SCWH conference in Philadelphia.  I’m writing because you’re now a role model for our best sophomore.  She thought she was inventing a new breed of high school history teacher when she articulated the goals of staying on top of the literature, seeking graduate training, publishing substantial contributions to ongoing scholarly discussions, etc.–all the while transforming young lives through excellent teaching.  And then I introduced her to your blog.  She was blown away and has referenced you as a model in her latest application for research support.  Thanks for this; you’ve challenged her in all of the best ways.

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