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I‘ve been following the first two stories on the blog. First, Alabama lawmakers passed a resolution to honor the state’s first black lawmakers during Reconstruction. Plaques will be placed throughout the capitol grounds.  This second story on a proposed change to the Maryland state song stirred up a great deal of discussion on the blog.  While no changes will be made, it looks like a number of state legislatures are willing to revisit the issue in a future session.  Finally, check out this Washington Post article on the battle of New Market Heights and the participation of black Union soldiers.  This is one of the battlefields currently on the CWPT’s “Most Endangered Battlefields” list.

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  • Jim Apr 10, 2009 @ 5:39

    You need to put this song in its proper context, which is a Marylander singing about the murder of his countrymen by Federal troops during the Baltimore riots. Just because the lyrics may not fit into someone’s modern interpretation of values doesn’t mean it should be changed. This ranks right up there with the Raleigh N&O article regarding Confederate monuments.

  • rhapsodyinbooks Apr 9, 2009 @ 6:01

    I have been following the MD state song controversy as well. Whenever I want to drive my husband away, I start singing it (having had to learn it as a school child). If I had to give up “patriotic gore” this could affect my intramarital power base! :–)

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