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When I made the decision to host advertisements on Civil War Memory I made a commitment to working with companies whose products enrich our understanding of the Civil War.  Well, you simply can’t beat the opportunity to work with the University of North Carolina Press.  It would be difficult to exaggerate the extent to which I have benefited from reading the books in UNC Press’s “Civil War Campaigns” and “Civil War America” series – both of which are edited by Gary Gallagher.  I know that this is true for many of you out there as well.

The link on the banner will take you to their new site devoted to Civil War related books and the sesquicentennial.  The site includes links to Civil War blogs, videos, the new Civil War journal of the Society of Civil War Historians and other resources.  No doubt, it will continue to grow.

For those of you who are uncomfortable with advertisements I recommend subscribing to the blog via email or RSS.

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