Three Papers Uploaded to

In my ongoing effort to make as much of my published work available I’ve uploaded three additional papers to my page.

“Is Not the Glory Enough to Give Us All a Share?”: An Analysis of Competing Memories of the Battle of the Crater in Aaron Sheehan Dean ed., The View From the Ground: Experiences of Civil War Soldiers (University Press of Kentucky, 2007). [link]

For a number of reasons I didn’t include this chapter in my Crater book. The chapter focuses on the postwar debates among Confederate veterans over who should be given credit for victory at the Crater. As was the case with the battle of Gettysburg, Virginia veterans quickly gained the upper hand during the postwar period in securing for themselves a central place in the narratives of some of the most dramatic battles of the war. The theme of the essay closely follows that of Carol Reardon’s focus in her book on Gettysburg and historical memory.

“The Earth Seemed to Tremble”in Civil War Times (May 2006). [link]

This article offers a brief overview of the battle and how Confederates assessed their victory. It focuses specifically on the presence of black Union soldiers. It represents an early attempt to interpret their recollections of the presence of these men on the battlefield. Might be suitable for classroom use if you are looking for a way to introduce the complex issue of racial atrocities during the war.

“Confederate Like Me” in The Civil War Monitor (Spring 2013). [link]

This essay includes my overall interpretation/understanding of the use of slaves as body servants in the Confederate army and the myth of the black Confederate soldier. I also highly recommend my co-authored essay on Silas and Andrew Chandler, which is also available for download.

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