Crater Books For Sale Direct From Author

Update: 15 11 copies still available as of 4:00pm on May 14.

With the arrival of summer comes the opportunity to catch up on some history reading and with that in mind I would like to offer readers a chance to purchase my book, Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder at a significant discount. While the book lists for $35 you can purchase it directly through me for $25, which includes shipping costs. I am also happy to inscribe it for you. I’ve got around 20 copies left so don’t waste time if interested.

You can contact me here for additional information. Please fill out the subject field with “Book Purchase” and I will get right back to you.

The most recent review of the book comes from A. Wilson Greene in the latest issue of The Civil War Monitor.

…it is the most persuasively provocative Petersburg monograph in recent memory. Levin explains the unprecedented mayhem that characterized the combat on July 30, 1864, as akin to a slave rebellion in the minds of the Confederate defenders. It is also one of the best “memory studies” in that now large and often redundant field.

Click here for additional information about the book.

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