A Weekend in Richmond with the Civil War Trust

Mahone MonumentThanks to the Civil War Trust for hosting another incredible teacher institute in Richmond, Virginia. While this is my 5th year with the Trust it’s been a couple of years since my last visit. I especially enjoyed the chance to catch up with old friends and spend time with some of the most passionate teachers you will find in classrooms from across the country.

It was also a chance to return to my former home. I had a chance to do some research at the Virginia Historical Society and Library of Virginia and spend a few hours at the Museum of the Confederacy/American Civil War Museum.

On Friday I gave a short lunch talk on the history and memory of the Confederate battle flag. My talk received a very positive response and I especially enjoyed the give and take with teachers which followed. Yesterday I led a tour of the Crater with the NPS’s Grant Gates. I focused a good deal on the memory of the battle and made it a point to use the Mahone monument to talk about the history of Reconstruction in Virginia.

I take my hat off to Sam Smith, Garry Adelman, Doug Ullman, and the rest of the Civil War Trust staff for a job well done. If you teach history and have an interest in the Civil War you should definitely check out their teacher programs and other resources that are available on their website.

Next year’s meeting will be in Memphis, where I hope to make a return appearance.

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