What Does the Confederate Flag Mean to You?

This is the question that will be discussed tomorrow evening at the Sargent Memorial Library, 427 Mass. Ave. in Boxborough, Massachusetts. The program is being sponsored by the Fostering Racial Justice Group. I will be joining the panel discussion to add historical context. That will be my only goal for this particular event.

The discussion was sparked by an incident involving a Confederate flag in Boxborough that was eventually resolved. I suspect that the organizers were taken by surprise by the presence of the flag in a New England community. No one should be surprised at this point.

Come on out if you live in the area. This should be an interesting discussion.

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  • Sea Skimer Nov 15, 2017 @ 10:25

    To me it represents the Confederate states of America, the whole thing. Its highs, its lows, its government, its people, its culture and so on.

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