New to the Civil War Memory Library, 07/10

I am currently making my way through David Blight’s new biography, Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom (Simon & Schuster, 2018). No, the book is not published. I just managed to get a review copy from the publisher. Blight is at the top of his game in this book so go ahead and pre-order your copy.

Michael Burlingame ed, Sixteenth President-in-Waiting: Abraham Lincoln and the Springfield Dispatches of Henry Villard, 1860-1861 (Southern Illinois University Press, 2018).

Mark H. Dunkelman, Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue: the Brickyard Fight and the Mural (Gettysburg Publishing, 2018).

Andrew Gibb, Californios Anglos, and the Performance of Oligarchy in the U.S. West (Southern Illinois University Press, 2018).

Donald C. Pfanz, Where Valor Proudly Sleeps: A History of Fredericksburg National Cemetery, 1866-1933 (Southern Illinois University Press, 2018).

Paul Taylor, The Most Complete Political Machine Ever Known: The North’s Union Leagues in the American Civil War (Kent State University Press, 2018).

Kristopher A. Teters, Practical Liberators: Union Officers in the Western Theater during The Civil War (University of North Carolina Press, 2018).

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