New to the Civil War Memory Library, 11/03

In case you missed the latest update, I recently learned that UNC Press has ordered a second printing of Searching for Black Confederates. I still have signed/personalized copies available for purchase if you are interested.

Anne C. Bailey, The Weeping Time: Memory and the Largest Slave Auction in American History (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

Kathleen Belew, Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America (Harvard University Press, 2018).

Richard Bell, Stolen: Five Free Boys Kidnapped into Slavery and Their Astonishing Odyssey Home (37ink, 2019).

Nicholas Buccola, The Fire Is Upon Us: James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the Debate over Race in America (Princeton University Press, 2019).

Lonnie G. Bunch III, A Fool’s Errand: Creating the National Museum of African American History and Culture in the Age of Bush, Obama, and Trump (Smithsonian Books, 2019).

Joseph Crespino, Strom Thurmond’s America (Hill and Wang, 2012).

Christian B. Keller, The Great Partnership: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and the Fate of the Confederacy (Pegausus Books, 2019).

Sarah Milov, The Cigarette: A Political History (Harvard University Press, 2019).

Adam H. Petty, The Battle of the Wilderness in Myth and Memory: Reconsidering Virginia’s Most Notorious Civil War Battlefield (Louisiana State University Press, 2019).

Robert B. Talisse, Overdoing Democracy: Why We Must Put Politics in its Place (Oxford University Press, 2019).

Alan Taylor, Thomas Jefferson’s Education (Norton, 2019).

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  • Ace-of-Stars Nov 13, 2019 @ 13:26

    SECOND PRINTING!!! — Congratulations! 🙂

  • Meg Groeling Nov 3, 2019 @ 18:26

    I am going to have to check out A Fool’s Errand. To me, that is the title of an Albion Tourgee book, so now I am eager to “get” the joke!

    • Kevin Levin Nov 4, 2019 @ 3:40

      He plays up this reference early on in the book. It really is worth reading.

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