New to the Civil War Memory Library, 02/23

Robert Elder, Calhoun: American Heretic (Basic Books, 2021).

Kellie Carter Jackson, Force and Freedom: Black Abolitionists and the Politics of Violence (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019).

Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain eds., Four Hundred Years: A Community History of African-America, 1619-2019 (One World, 2021).

John Matteson, A Worse Place Than Hell: How the Civil War Battle of Fredericksburg Changed a Nation (Norton, 2021).

William Marvel, Radical Sacrifice: The Rise and Ruin of Fitz John Porter (University of North Carolina Press, 2021).

Jeremi Suri, The Impossible Presidency: The Rise and Fall of America’s Highest Office (Basic Books, 2017).

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  • Brad Mar 1, 2021 @ 14:18

    The Calhoun book received a good review in today’s New York Times.

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