Lost Cause

This week the mayor of Augusta, Georgia appointed a commission to study public spaces throughout the city that honor Confederate leaders and make recommendations as to how to move forward. This includes the city’s large Confederate monument. My hope is that they do a thorough review of the relevant history surrounding this particular monument. I Read more

Over the past three weeks we have seen the most sustained push to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces in recent history. We will likely see additional removals throughout the summer. While all eyes are on Richmond and Charlottesville, a host of smaller towns across the country have begun the process to remove their Confederate Read more

One of the most remarkable things taking place on Richmond’s Monument Avenue is the way black Richmonders have appropriated the space around the Robert E. Lee monument. I was not surprised by the tagging of the monuments or even the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue, but the wide range of activities taking place at Read more

It finally happened. I don’t know if Virginia Governor Ralph Northam waited for April, which has traditionally been the month when states celebrate Confederate Heritage Month, to sign this bill, but I thank him. Yesterday, the governor signed a bill that allows communities across the state to decide whether their Confederate monuments still reflect the Read more

Confederate Heritage Month Lite

Many are expressing shock and surprise that Mississippi governor Tate Reeves chose to sign a proclamation designating April as Confederate Heritage Month. Clearly, these people know nothing about Mississippi.   I can certainly understand the frustration, but what once again stands out to me is the proclamation’s watered down and meaningless language. These proclamations go Read more

The Virginia Flaggers are celebrating the beginning of Confederate History and Heritage Month. Unfortunately, they seem to be unaware of the fact that the Commonwealth of Virginia no longer officially recognizes it. Now before you blame or praise the Democrats, who now control the state assembly, it might be worth remembering that it was a Read more

I’ve written a number of posts on this blog as well as in my new book about Dr. Henry Louis Gates’s confusion about the black Confederate myth. In this webinar sponsored by PBS Education he managed to confuse it even further.  Dr. Gates is still referencing his colleague John Stauffer’s piece in The Root Read more

This past Tuesday a House Committee in Nashville, Tennessee debated a resolution to remove a bust of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest from the State Capitol. In addition to serving in the Confederate army, Forrest sold slaves in Memphis before the war and held a leadership position in the Klan for a time during the Read more