Lt. Gov. McNally Defends Nathan Bedford Forrest

Earlier today the Tennessee State Building Commission just voted to remove the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from inside the State Capitol. There is very little reason to applaud this decision given its timing and the responses from elected leaders.

Not everyone is pleased. @ltgovmcnally has decided to fight the culture wars alongside Nathan Bedford Forrest. His statement is beyond ridiculous. The question is not whether the history of Forrest should be studied, but whether he should be honored inside the State Capitol.

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All of his so-called concerns about context and interpretation can be addressed in the state museum, which is where the Forrest bust will be relocated. This is entirely appropriate. Context can never be implemented inside the Capitol Building for any number of reasons.

The only question that matters and one that the Lt. Gov. is unwilling to address is whether a slave trader, Confederate general, and Klan leader deserves to be honored inside the State Capitol–a place that is supposed to represent all of the state’s citizens.

We can certainly have a debate about whether individual monuments/statues should be removed, but Forrest is not the ‘Southern symbol’ or ‘American hero’ that you want to get behind, but perhaps for McNally it is.

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