Gordon Wood

Clarification: I don’t want to leave readers with the impression that academic presses do not publish for the general public. That should have been clarified below. As many of you know the University of North Carolina is publishing my forthcoming book on the myth of the black Confederate soldier. Earlier today I came across a Read more

Today during our weekly history department meeting we considered a questionnaire submitted by one of our students inquiring into our political beliefs and how our politics shapes both how we teach history and how we interpret the past. It’s incredibly encouraging to see a student take an interest in his education and express curiosity as Read more

Acknowledging a Master Historian

As a graduate student in Philosophy at the University of Maryland I concentrated on philosophy of history.  While much of the literature in this sub-discipline continues to address questions first formulated at the height of the Logical Positivist Movement, I was much more focused on empirical questions that were more closely connected to actual working Read more