Southern Unionism

Last week the Portsmouth Historical Commission passed the following resolution honoring Southern Unionists: Whereas the history of the Civil War has at times, understandably but mistakenly, been seen as a battle between regions . . . Whereas in reality the dedication to Union and Emancipation was shared by millions of Americans north and south Read more

“A Noble Southern Man”

Today I came across a news clipping from the Boston Transcript, which covered the fall of Charleston in February 1865.  The paper reprinted a letter written by an officer in a Massachusetts regiment about a Charleston lawyer by the name of Nelson Mitchell.  Turns out that the story is fairly well known.  Luis F. Emilio Read more

I came across this question not too long ago on my Facebook News Feed.  It was posted by a well-known Civil War historian, who was helping his 4th grader study for the Virginia Standards of Learning Test: Name the roles of the following 1) White Virginians 2) Freed African Americans 3) American Indians Choices: A) Read more