Virginia Flaggers

Events have never turned out well for Confederates and neo-Confederates when shad is involved. During the early afternoon of April 1, 1865 Confederate general George Pickett abandoned the crucial intersection of Five Forks, for a shad bake hosted by General Tom Rosser. Pickett was unaware of a concerted Union advance that cost the Confederates this Read more

Update: The battle flag erected outside of Lexington is in violation of Rockbridge County’s zoning ordinance. I think it is perfectly fitting that the Virginia Flaggers were led down the streets of Lexington, Virginia this past weekend by an individual portraying Stonewall Jackson, who (as of 2015) is also a member of the League of Read more

Update: Virginia Flaggers were led down the streets of Lexington by a member of the League of the South. From all of the reports, photographs, and videos that I have seen it looks like the Virginia Flaggers and Sons of Confederate Veterans were upstaged by CARE this weekend in Lexington. The Flaggers managed to attract Read more

The annual parade in Lexington, Virginia celebrating Lee-Jackson Day is going to look very different today. That’s because the local Sons of Confederate Veterans camp and the Virginia Flaggers were peacefully outgunned by the Community Anti-racism Education Initiative, a local organization, which applied for a permit to reserve the day before the other two organizations Read more

The Virginia Flaggers’ Lost Cause

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that the Virginia Flaggers would not be pleased with my recent piece in The Daily Beast. They huffed and puffed on their Facebook page and blog, but failed to use the opportunity to do some serious soul searching. :-) Susan Hathaway accused me of engaging “in old, tired Read more

Five years later and the Confederate Memorial Chapel – where it all started – is still without a battle flag. In fact, we can go down a list that includes protests against the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox, Washington & Lee University, the Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission as well as the cities of Lexington, Danville Read more

Kevin Collier’s Lost Cause

It’s nice to see that Robert Moore has had some time to publish a few blog posts in the midst of his pursuit of an advanced degree in digital history. As always, he is thoughtful and offers an important perspective that is worth considering. Yesterday he offered a few words about Kevin Collier, who refuses Read more

Last night’s meeting of the Charlottesville City Council on the future of its Confederate monuments was well worth watching in its entirety. A number of people spoke, expressing a wide range of perspectives on the history of these sites and what should, if anything, be done. One current and two former history professors from the Read more

Right now the Virginia Flaggers are holding a rally at Charlottesville’s Lee Park in anticipation of a city council meeting tonight that will discuss the future of Confederate monuments in the city. The Flaggers will likely take the opportunity to share with city residents that the Confederate flag has nothing to do with the history Read more

Update: The Tallassee Tribune is reporting that the flag will not be placed on property referenced in initial reports. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that Confederate heritage groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans are their own worst enemies when it comes to promoting their preferred interpretation of the battle flag. News Read more