Introducing Omnitweet

There are a number of things about twitter that have long given me concern. The content/threads generated are not easily archived or accessible. The larger concern, however, is the fact that I do not own the content generated on this site. My content belongs to twitter.

This ends today. Moving forward I will be able to tweet directly from my personal website. This will have a number of benefits. First and foremost, I will retain ownership of my content. It will be much more easily accessible and longer threads will inhabit their own webpage.

I wrote this thread on my personal website. Check it out. Click the link below and click on the “Show thread” link, which will then take you to a webpage for even easier reading. It functions as its own thread reader, which is super cool.

Twitter has put me in touch with a large audience, but I regret neglecting my personal website/blog in recent years. This will make it much easier to keep my site updated and bring new readers to the site.

Right now the functionality is limited. I can tweet images, but not gifs, videos, etc. I also can’t retweet, but all of this will change as the technology develops. It is enough that I can retain ownership of my content and easily access it in the future.

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