Dimitri’s Denial

Answer: Turns out my new visitors were looking for a crossword puzzle clue.

Will someone please tell me what you are looking for.  At least 25 people have been directed to this site by a Google search: "Dimitri’s denial" – and I am sure it has nothing to do with the Civil War. 

Just curious.

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  1. You’re right we are looking for the answer to a crossword puzzle that appeared in today’s issue of the RedEye newspaper in Chicago. I also came up with “nyet” as the answer to the Dimitri’s Denial clue–whatever that means. The clue for the intersecting word is WWII troop Transport and the “T” in nyet completes the answer as “LSY”–whatever that is?! So maybe I still don’t have the correct answer! ha ha

  2. We were looking for crossword puzzle word – The clue was asking for the word “denial” in another language – one that Dmitri would use.

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