[Hat tip to Ralph Luker at HNN via Manan Ahmed

I actually watched the whole thing, which should be sufficient evidence that I am going insane.

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  1. I watched the entire film, too. Once it started, I found it hard to look away. (Maybe it was the Ken Burns music.) Apparently the map was made by the Lincoln Presidential Museum:


    “To inform and illustrate the scale, scope and tragedy of the Civil War, the museum’s Civil War in Four Minutes was created.”

    Does this statement seem a bit counter-intuitive to anyone else?

  2. Craig, — There is indeed something mesmerizing about it. Not only is the statement you cite “counterintuitive” its absurd.

  3. Kevin–thanks for this. Wow, what an illustration of the power of maps. Sorry to see that you tube says it the video will be deleted soon.

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