Excellent Video Series on Slavery

[Hat Tip to Alex Krolikowski, writing from Poland]

Below are links to a video series on slavery.   Each segment is fairly short which makes them ideal for classroom use.  I haven’t previewed every individual video, but I did see interviews with Peter Wood, James Horton and Sallie Haden.

Slave Catchers/Resistors

Slave Catchers/Resistors 1 – Deal with the Devil

Slave Catchers/Resistors 2 – Stono Rebellion

Slave Catchers/Resistors 3 – Poor Whites

Slave Catchers/Resistors 4 – Am. Revolutionary War

Slave Catchers/Resistors 5 – David Walker

Slave Catchers/Resistors 6 – Nat Turner

Slave Catchers/Resistors 7 – White Terrorism

Slave Catchers/Resistors 8 – The Free North

Slave Catchers/Resistors 9 – Civil War

Slave Catchers/Resistors 10 – Reconstruction and Jim Crow

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  • Kelly Selby Nov 30, 2007

    I believe these are from a History Channel program. Although it is very well done, and I would sure appreciate the ability to link to these sites for class, I wonder if there is a copyright issue here?

  • Kevin Levin Nov 30, 2007

    You are absolutely right Kelly and my guess is that within a short time these videos will be unavailable.

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