The Lost Cause in Lucca, Italy

Dscn1433[Compliments of Aaron Sheehan-Dean]
This photograph was taken in Lucca, Italy and provides the perfect follow-up to Sunday’s post.  The ads in the window feature
Italians posing as the cast.

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  • Wayne Fielder Mar 25, 2008

    Why on earth do people seem to always associate the Confederacy with the more base elements of our modern culture? It’s frustrating. Somehow I think the Basil Dukes, George Hunt Morgans, and John Breckinridges of the Confederacy would take great exception to this comparison.

  • Kevin Levin Mar 25, 2008

    I am convinced that the short list of Confederate heroes would not be able to identify themselves in our more popular interpretations of the war.

  • Anonymous Mar 25, 2008

    Wayne Fielder, shame on you! George Hunt Morgan, you said?!!! Somehow I think you are mistaken 🙂 His name was John.

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