In an interview with 60 Minutes for the release of the movie version of The Producers, Mel Brooks suggested that sometimes the most fitting response to hate is to laugh at its perpetrators.  With that in mind I give you Olaf Childress, who plans to transport a casket in a hearse – outfitted with magnetic Confederate battle flags – bearing a copy of the 14th Amendment from his southern Alabama home to the shores of the Potomac River for burial.

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  1. I didn’t spend much time looking up information beyond the SPLC, but I do remember coming across a connection with that other organization which bestowed the honor on me.

  2. Also, expect future punk bands to adopt the name “politically incorrect hearse.” That’s not Civil War related, but I couldn’t resist!

  3. Kevin,

    A couple of things….

    First, and foremost, thanks for tipping me off to 2008’s neo-Confederate grand champion. I crowned him on my blog this morning.

    Second, a quick review of his website indicates that he is, indeed, the fellow who bestowed the honor of Scalawag of the Month upon you. If you need some amusement, be sure to read his recounting of his being stopped by the Alabama Mossad on his website. It’s side-splitting.

    Indeed, if this idiocy wasn’t scary, it would be hilarious.


  4. Eric, — Thanks for following up on this story. I didn’t realize that it was the same clown.

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