Rare Appomattox-Surrender Document to be Displayed in Ken Noe’s Office

Just kidding Ken, but congratulations nonetheless on securing a priceless Civil War document. See the story here.

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  • James F. Epperson Jun 13, 2009


  • Ken Noe Jun 13, 2009

    Yeah, I’m thinking about hanging it between the Scully and Mulder actions figures, and the scale model of my first car (a 1972 Nova, complete with bondo and a toothpick representing the axe handle I had to use to hold the hood up).

  • Brooks Simpson Jun 13, 2009

    Hate to burst a few bubbles here, but that’s not Grant’s handwriting. Compare it to the facsimile in Grant’s handwriting in his Memoirs, and you’ll see it’s a staff officer’s copy (Eli Parker is a good guess). I think the document’s authentic, just not in Grant’s hand.

  • Brooks Simpson Jun 13, 2009

    Even better guess? Theodore S. Bowers.

  • Ken Noe Jun 14, 2009

    So much for the appraisers I guess. Geez. I’ve passed on Brooks’ comments (thanks Brooks), and I’m confident that the item (which is still pretty cool) will be properly identified.–Ken

  • Chris Meekins Jun 14, 2009

    National media is all over this – even Raleigh’s local media ran a loop on the document.

  • Mike Jun 15, 2009

    Great find regardless if Grant wrote it.

  • Bobby Edwards Jun 16, 2009


    In doing Genealogy work in North Carolina, I have run across the Noe name, and matter of fact – there are some Noe’s from the same community in Beaufort County, N.C. as my ancestor. Any Carolina roots?

    I thought I saw your story in one of the Civil War Magazines recently about the Appomattox Letter. Did one of the clerks make a copy, and you have a copy?

    By the way, I was at Appomattox on a Beautiful Day in April – just days before April 9th and took some great photos. I will get them uploade to a Sharing Server, if anyone would like to take a look see of Appomattox at that time frame in April.

    Congratulations on your treasure.

  • Ken Noe Jun 16, 2009

    Bobby: No, my family is from what is now West Virginia, since the 1750s. I’m not aware of any published magazine story about the letter Auburn received. As to the letter itself, Brooks Simpson’s argument convinced me–he’s worked with original Grant manuscripts extensively, whereas I never have. Our archivists, to their credit, are in the process of getting this all straightened up, with Brooks’ help, after receiving that questionable, earlier authentication. It’s still quite an item, and so is not going to end up in my office.–Ken

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