“Ravaged by Battle…Reborn in Passion”

From Wikipedia:  Set during the American Civil War, “Rebel Love follows a Yankee war widow who takes an injured Confederate spy into her home out of pity, only to find herself falling in love with him.  The film was a finalist in the 1985 USA Film Festival in Dallas. Despite a modest theatrical run, Rebel Love enjoyed a cable release on Showtime and was later distributed on video by Vestron.

All I know is I laughed my ass off!  Apparently, this movie fell through the cracks.  I couldn’t find it in Gary Gallagher’s recent survey of Civil War movies.

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  • Corey Meyer May 26, 2010

    Can you put it back in the crack it fell through?

    • Matt Gross Jun 4, 2010

      Hey what’s that sound? Oh, never mind….It’s just Robert E. Lee rolling in his grave.

  • Andy Hall May 26, 2010

    I think you found one even Redbox won’t touch.

  • Harry May 26, 2010

    How many inuendos can you throw in one trailer? Passionate – even the battlefield was passionate! – exquisite, raw, brutal, and heck, they “came together in an unforgettable explosion”. Kevin, you’re a baseplayer: I’m sure you could have come up with a more appropriate score for this thing. Lots of thumb flapping, Bootsy funk: “Bow-chicka-wow-wow”. And most of the actors have pretty good porn moustaches.

    • Ken Noe May 27, 2010

      Before he’s outed as a Rebel spy, Terence Knox’s character claims to be a traveling salesman.

      • Kevin Levin May 27, 2010


        I think “traveling salesman” is a euphemism. :D Thanks for the link.

        • Harry May 27, 2010

          Today he would be a cable repair guy.

          Karl Hungus [on TV]: I’m here to fix the cable.

          Maude Lebowski: You can guess what happens next.

          The Dude: He fixes the cable?

          • Kevin Levin May 27, 2010

            Hey Harry, does everything come back to the “The Big Lebowski” for you? :D

            • Harry May 27, 2010

              Not everything. Just the really, really important stuff.

              • Kevin Levin May 27, 2010

                Same with me when it comes to Seinfeld.

  • Jarret Ruminski May 26, 2010

    Maybe it fell through because it was “comming” soon.

  • Rob Wick May 26, 2010

    Jamie Rose also was in “Chopper Chicks in Zombietown” which is also known as “Cycle Sluts”. I liked how the movie was “comming” soon.


  • Mark Snell May 27, 2010

    Wasn’t that Phyllis Diller portraying the old lady in the rocker?

    • Marianne Davis May 27, 2010

      No, I think that’s the director’s mom.
      But, what a great discovery for your future students. Now you can replace “Ironclads” on that bus ride to Baltimore.

      • Ken Noe May 27, 2010

        That’s Fran Ryan, aka Arnold Ziffel’s mother in Green Acres.

        • Kevin Levin May 27, 2010


          You just earned yourself some major bonus points.

          • Harry May 27, 2010

            Green Acres – now THAT’S art. Did you know Eb was a graduate of MIT? Not the actor, the character. Correspondence course, Middle Indiana Tonsorial College. Which is why he could run intellectual circles around Mr. Haney and Hank Kimball, your County Agent. But when it came to common sense, Eb couldn’t hold a candle to Mr. Drucker or Arnold’s father, Fred. (Civil War tie-in: Edward Albert’s character was named after a vet and supreme court justice: Oliver Wendell Holmes Douglas.)

            Favorite Green Acres moment: when Mr. Haney sold Lisa a pore key, used to turn off the pores in the walls of the house so the paint wouldn’t get all soaked in – and it worked!

            • Mark Snell May 27, 2010

              Ken and Harry: I’m really starting to worry about you guys . . . .

            • Ken Noe May 27, 2010

              Searching for the Cubs-Dodgers game on WGN an hour ago, I saw Fran Ryan on The Beverly Hillbillies. She was guest starring as a maid.

      • Mark Snell May 27, 2010

        Very funny, Marianne. I still have time to change your grade. ;- )

        • Marianne Davis May 27, 2010

          Never threaten an old broad with such a trifle as her grades. Save that for people who are hoping to grow up and get a job some day. If you really want to shut me up, pour me another glass . . .
          It might be great fun this summer to compile a list of Civil War-centered films and TV shows and rate them for historical accuracy, artistic merit and laugh/cringe ratings. Shall we start with this one?

  • Ken Noe May 28, 2010

    Exciting news, the movie poster is available for sale! Won’t it look great in Kevin’s or Mark’s office?

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