Update: Here is Hennessy’s concluding post on Jackson’s arm.

Just returned from an overnight trip with Michaela to Fredericksburg, where we dined with very good friends, who I consider to be the town’s power couple in the local history profession.  On our way back we stopped at Elliewood to check out the improvements to the house.  Michaela caught me digging up…umm…I mean tending to the ground around the spot that supposedly contains Jackson’s arm.  All kidding aside, check out John Hennessy’s two-part post [Part 1 and Part 2] on the history of this particular site.  The final installment may include the final word as to whether the arm is actually there.

I also recommend checking out the view from Hazel Grove to the Chancellor House.  The NPS has recently cut the trees around Fairview, which offers visitors a much better view of what the battlefield would have looked like in 1863.  That area offers the best opportunity to interpret the battle in a way that moves beyond the traditional climax of the story which is centered on Jackson’s wounding.  I also noticed that the trees around Salem Church have been cut down along Rt. 3.

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  1. Becareful Kevin the NPS could use your statements and photo to bring you up on charges.

  2. Go on to Mexico and look for Santa Anna’s leg; you could start a collection.

    • Santa Anna’s wooden legs are in Illinois. The good one is in Springfield. The peg leg that Abner Doubleday supposedly used as a bat is in Decatur.

      To me, the real question is, how much new life insurance did Michaela buy last week.

  3. you laugh Kevin, but I can just see Jackson’s arm suddenly bursting from the ground and grabbing you! Just like in Carrie. Boy, that was scary.

  4. Kevin,
    Are you exercising your right to bear arms?

    Thanks folks I’ll be here all week!

  5. While Jackson’s arm was not there, Kevin DID find where Jimmy Hoffa was buried!

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