17 thoughts on “Civil War Babies Found Alive!

  1. hahaha… we used to have this hanging up in the Gettysburg NMP library in the old Cyclorama building. Always provided a good laugh.

  2. So were they “conceived in liberty” right on the battlefield? And of course they were found at Gettysburg–it’s the only “Civil War place” the average WWN reader has heard of.

  3. Dear Kevin: thanks for the moment of Civil War levity. I also remember the WWN story where some scientists managed to reanimate Lincoln for 100 seconds.

  4. If this sort of thing were true, there’d be dozens of oral history interviews, which would be great fun, not to mention hundreds of graduate students wandering around battlefields looking for time warps back to the past….

    How long before some student finds these via a google search (abe lincoln gender) and cites them?

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