Update – 06/26/11: All of the Prints Have Been Sold.

"79th New York State Highlanders"

I am putting up for sale my collection of framed Don Troiani Civil War prints, which I’ve been collecting since 2000.  All of them were purchased through an authorized Troiani dealer in Fredercksburg, Virginia and include certificates of authenticity.  I am going to include an asking price, but please feel free to make an offer.  This is your chance to own your favorite Troiani print at a reasonable price.  I will take photographs of specific prints if interested, but they are all in superb condition. Note: Click the status report link for the print’s current value.

Battle Scenes


Buyer will pay for shipping.  Happy shopping.

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  1. Ah, Until Sundown is the other Troiani painting that I think may have an unintentional anachronism in the flora. Not as clear as in Retreat by Recoil, but looks like Berberis thungbergii or Japanese barberry is there on the Sunken Lane, more than a decade before it was introduced….by the Arnold Arboretum in Boston! Wish I had $400 to give you for it.

  2. I am interested in your 2nd US Cavalry print if it is still available.


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