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  1. There are lots of coporations that send middle management to Gettysburg for these “Killer Angels” seminars.To put this one in context, I think it’s important to point out that what this program is likely doing is trying to teach management lessons, not history. What really happened is not so important. All-in-all I think using history (or even novels) to teach business lessons is like using it to comment on modern political issues – you can manipulate the past (real or not) to say whatever you want about the present.

    • I think that is exactly what they are doing. No disagreement there. In the process the student receive a rather childish version of both business ethics and history.

      • I guess they no longer use Musashi Miyamoto’s Book Of Five Rings to “teach” life lessons.

  2. I notice they didn’t mention that Chamberlain was a professor of Rhetoric before the war – did that help?

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