18 thoughts on “Ms. Coco Busts Out Some Civil War Rhymes

    1. Come on, it wasn’t that bad. :-)

      I have an RSS feed set up for certain sites. I am committed to bringing you the latest in Civil War Memory – the good and the bad.

            1. I’d tell you how I can tell and why I say it’s not rap. . .but it would be pointless and I’d likely end up offending you. 😀 Besides, this ain’t Musicology 101.

              1. Thanks, Michael. It’s pretty hard to offend me, especially in a discussion of music. I love just about every type of music but (1) the commercialized crap that passes as country nowadays and (2) rap. To me, it is just vocalization that is often very unwieldy and unmusical. At times, it can be used effectively – see the brief rap contained in the song “Rocky Ground” on Bruce Springsteen’s new record – but I’ve heard plenty of stuff that is proclaimed to be rap that sounds much worse that what that woman is doing in this video…

                But you’re right, this is not a music blog…

      1. Yeah, Kevin. It’s pretty bad. Amusing; but still bad. Embarrassing question: is she really a “she?”

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