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I had no idea that reviewing my own page proofs would be this nerve-wracking.  Knowing that this is my final chance to make minor changes before it goes to print has me second guessing myself on every page.  That said, it is nice to see the manuscript in its final form.  Everything came out looking awesome.  The narrative itself comes to 150 pages, which makes it a very manageable read.  I have until April 20 to finish both the final proofreading as well as the index.  We are still shooting for a mid-June release.

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  • Neil Hamilton Mar 31, 2012

    Good Luck, Kevin, hope everything is as it should be and your release date comes off without a hitch.


    • Margaret D. Blough Mar 31, 2012

      It’s like writing a brief. Secretaries have had to wrestle them out of my hands to get them in the mail while I want to take “just one more look to check!!!!!”

  • Paul Taylor Apr 1, 2012

    Hi Kevin – If your experience is anything like a couple of mine have been, now is the point where, seemingly out of the blue, you’ll come across some wonderful, previously overlooked primary sources! Working them into the text without altering page numbers will be like balancing on the highwire. 🙂

    Best Wishes,

    • Kevin Levin Apr 1, 2012

      I have no intention of going there. 🙂

      Thanks, Paul.

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