RIP Marc Ferguson

Union Soldier in Forrest Hills Cemetery by Milmore

Over the years I’ve come to consider a small number of you as part of my online family.  I read your comments with great interest and I’ve learned a great deal as a result.  Our online communities are all too often shaped by the worst elements in our society such as ignorance, hatred, and  dishonesty.  I like to think that Civil War Memory is a place where you can exchange ideas and engage one another in a thoughtful way.

With that in mind I am sad to report that over the weekend Marc Ferguson passed away.  Marc was a frequent commenter here going back almost to the beginning. I could always count on Marc to leave a thoughtful and challenging comment in response to my posts.  During the research phase of my Crater project he emailed links to online collections and other resources he thought I should check out.  Marc was incredibly helpful when I moved to Boston.  He suggested places to visit and even offered helpful advice once I began to look for employment.

I knew Marc was sick, but we still talked about getting together.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  I am going to miss having Marc around as I know many of you will as well.  My thoughts today are with his family.

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15 thoughts on “RIP Marc Ferguson

  1. Margaret D. Blough

    Thank you, Kevin. That was very moving and I’m sure captured the feelings of many of us. I know it did mine. My deepest condolences to Marc’s family and friends.

  2. Arleigh Birchler

    I had many good conversations with Cousin Marc. We discussed many subjects off-group from the various blogs and other cyber-groups. I will miss talking with him.

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  4. Don Shaffer

    Dear Kevin: thanks for letting us know about Marc’s passing, however awful the news. He took a kindly interest in my blog and was a great sounding board for ideas, good and bad. Like you, I never met in him in person, but his virtual presence was a welcome one and more. He will be missed.



  5. Rob Wick

    Marc was the true definition of a gentleman. His emphasis on exposing bad history for what it was should be a lesson for all us who claim the mantle of being a historian. Your tribute is moving.


    1. Kevin Levin Post author

      Go over to his Facebook page for some moving tributes. It took me by surprise as well. I was so looking forward to meeting Marc at some point. Very sad news, indeed.

  6. Arleigh Birchler

    James, I could tell you what little I know, if you can contact me off group. Perhaps Kevin or Brooks already shared what I know.

  7. Chuck

    I knew Marc only through Facebook and a few e-mail conversations. He was a gentle and kind man. I wish we that we had been able to meet as we had hoped. I’ll miss him.

  8. Lyle Smith

    Really sad to hear this news. I didn’t always agree with Marc, but I enjoyed reading his commentary.

    Condolences to his family and friends.

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  10. John Buchanan

    What a crying shame and a tragic loss. Like many here I always enjoyed his comments.

    Condolences and prayers to his friends and family.

  11. Arleigh Birchler

    Marc and I disagreed on somethings, but not many. He was always willing to talk, and he actually listened and did not make assumptions. Life was not a zero sum game for him.


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