This kid is awesome!

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  1. This reminds me of the statement I hear often from folks (adults and kids) that care little about history: “Why should I care about something that already happened?”

  2. This young lady reminds me of so many of my children’s peers. I don’t believe she is shallow, I do believe her parents have never shared with her their own heritage and lineage.
    Katie is a perfect example of the “Entitled Generation”, as long as she’s cute, precocious and daddy’s little girl, she will survive, but maybe disillusioned, bi-polar and a super model.

    So much of who I am and who my children have become is the direct result of the stories that my grandfathers, grandmothers, father and mother shared with me as I was growing up. Stories from Missouri, Kansas, the Indian Territory and Texas. Flatlanders and hill folks, farmers and ranchers, outlaws and local law, religion and politics. The Civil War, before, during and after. That heritage and especially the way it was told to me has shaped me and my families life and love of history, the leaders, the spokesmen and the common man that endured and relished in life, as only this country can provide.


      • I reviewed the youtube videos and I believe Katie is… playing a character. However “Katie” still reminds me of friends of my children who have exactly the same mind set.
        I got a good belly laugh from her performance. Thanks for sharing.


  3. It’s a bit of a put on but I have to tell you I was cracking up as I watching it. She’s obviously great in front of the camera. Quite a character she is.

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