14 thoughts on “Just In Case You Missed Sunday Services

  1. Only American Army that fought under a Christian flag. So the Union fought under the Jewish flag, or the Muslim flag. Yes, civil rights is a political agenda. We demand you conform to civil rights.

  2. My Episcopalian girlfriend was quick to point out that these are members of the Anglican Communion, but are “Anglican Catholics” who separated from the mainstream American Episcopalian church in 1977 over disagreements about the updated Prayer Book (particularly the decision to grant women ordination.)



    Apparently, they’re noted for being “conservative,” which might offer some insights into this service. But of course, nothing political going on in this video.

  3. Actually that’s St. Andrew and St. Margaret Anglican Catholic Church, not just Anglican and certainly not mainstream Episcopalian. The ACC broke away in 1977-78 in opposition to the ordination of women, among other things.

      1. I didn’t watch all of it, but I didn’t see much that reminded me of what I usually see on Sunday mornings in our Episcopal church. Perhaps it matters that the priest shown here seems to be quite the admirer of Leonidas Polk, and really, how many Polk buffs do you know: http://tinyurl.com/kplyu5q

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