Virginia FlaggersVirginia Flaggers welcome visitors to Richmond and honor the memory and sacrifice of Confederate soldiers with this flag.

“Richmond needed a reminder of her Confederate heritage.” — Susan Hathaway

Meanwhile, back in Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery.

Hollywood CemeteryAbout 2,000 of Gettysburg’s unknown Confederate dead still rest in Hollywood Cemetery in a spot known as Gettysburg Hill. Many of the Virginians who fell during Pickett’s Charge lay only a few yards away from the resting place of Pickett himself, a decision he made before he passed–to be near his division who fell at Gettysburg. Dr. Weaver’s tireless work gave thousands of Confederate soldiers a proper burial and a home in Hollywood Cemetery, but an unknown number of Confederate dead still lay buried on the fields at Gettysburg, undiscovered, their graves lost to the passing of history.

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    • Thanks for posting this. It will likely be easier to see it going in the opposite direction if you already know what to look for. #EpicFail

      • I tried capturing the flag on my drive north this evening but despite all my enthusiasm I failed to consider such variables as the quality of my cameraphone and the glare from the setting sun. If only there had been some sort of precedent about expectations for a project not being matched in execution.

        • Please be careful while driving. This is definitely not worth putting yourself at risk. 🙂

  1. They say more trees will be cleared, but I wonder if the trees in front of the flag are on the highway side and belong to the state…wonder if the state will cut those trees down?

    • I working on a presentation for our country historical society on all the USCT men from this county. I am having no problems finding their records in state archives. Haven’t found a single one who joined the Confederates. I have some friends who swear on a stack of bibles that “all kinds of black men from Missouri fought for the Confederacy.” They have yet to be able to give me any proof at all.

  2. Woodrow for the win…

    How long before we see a memorial to the Unknown Black Confederate?

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