Civil War Boston for Bostonians

The current issue of The Civil War Monitor includes my top 10 list of Civil War-related sites in and around Boston. I fully realize that this is a subjective choice, but I do hope it reveals to Bostonians and visitors that the city’s Civil War commemorative landscape is worth exploring along with its rich history from the Revolution. Thanks to Terry Johnston for the opportunity to share a bit of the history from my new home. Click here for your subscription to the CWM.

Civil War Monitor Top 10

Civil War Monitor Top 10 (1-5)

Civil War Monitor Top 10

Civil War Monitor Top 10 (6-10)

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  • Peter Winfrey Nov 22, 2013

    Pretty Good list. More things to see when I get back to Boston one of these days.

    One place worth mentioning that I saw randomly when I visited the Boston Public Library on Copley Square are the two Lions on either side of the main staircase honoring the 2nd and 20th Massachusetts Regiments.

    • Kevin Levin Nov 22, 2013

      One of the sites that could have easily made this list. Nice to hear from you, Peter.

      • Virgil Funk Nov 22, 2013

        I surprised you haven’t commented on Obama’s reflections in the Lincoln Room. Any reason why your are letting that one go by without comment?

        • Kevin Levin Nov 22, 2013

          If you are referring to the president’s hand-written reflection, I did briefly reference it.

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