Brooks Simpson posted this video over the weekend, but it’s just too good not to do so here as well. I continue to be pleasantly surprised by where and how the Civil War 150th is being commemorated across the country. Enjoy.

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  1. As a University of Wisconsin-Madison alumnus, it’s hard to say this, but well done, Ohio State, very well done. I wish the UW Marching Band had done something like this.

    • I am sure you speak for many others, who simply don’t have the courage to speak out. That could not have been easy for you. 🙂

  2. Don’t you think their use of a plain grey flag for the Confederates was a bit of historical “polishing?” Not sure their performance would be receiving such approval if they had used the bars and stars (or even the actual CSA national flag). The Confederacy was the Confederacy, why is one flag for them ok and another is not?

    • Read John Coski’s book on the Confederate flag for an answer to your question. Thanks for the comment.

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