In the Classroom With Gary Gallagher

The following videos featuring Civil War lectures by Gary Gallagher are from his Great Courses series. They were uploaded to YouTube today so it is likely that more will be available in the near future. So far there are two lectures on the Confederate Home Front. The first one is available below and the second is available here.

Additional lectures include: The Wilderness to Spotsylvania/Cold Harbor to Petersburg/Sherman Versus Johnston in Georgia

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  • John Kirn Feb 3, 2014

    I can’t imagine Great Courses will allow them to stay there long. I doubt “Lord Soth” is a legitimate representative of their company. The lectures are the intellectual property of Great Courses and Gary Gallagher. Why would you promote this YouTube version? Just wondering. They are interesting lectures–no doubt about that, but I bought them.

    • Kevin Levin Feb 3, 2014

      Hi John,

      You are absolutely right that they will likely be removed in the very near future. This is YouTube’s legal issue and not mine. I simply provided the links for those interested. Who knows, the sample lectures might actually lead to a couple of sales.

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