Recently Published Civil War Books in 2002

Al Mackey has been posting old CSPAN videos of various Civil War events some of which are quite interesting. I perused the CSPAN archives and came across this session from one of Gary Gallagher’s UVA conferences on the Fredericksburg Campaign from 2002. The session features Gary along with Bob Krick, George Rable, R.E.L. Krick, Bill Bergen and Peter Carmichael.

The panelists discuss books that had then had just recently been published, including David Blight’s Race and Reunion, which was about a year old at the time. There is a wonderful exchange between Bob Krick and Peter about Paul Anderson’s study of Turner Ashby, which is a wonderful book. Anyway, it’s kind of interesting to see how the field has evolved in the past ten years.

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  • Phil LeDuc May 28, 2014

    The University of Virginia Civil War Conferences, led by Prof. Gallagher, were terrific and are sorely missed. The book review session on the last day or evening was always a high point, as this video demonstrates so clearly.
    And the interplay between Gallagher and R.K. Krick was fun. I refer to them as the Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger of the Civil War set. “Bob, do you have anything you want to add?” “No.”

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