Crater 150

It’s been a long day. I will share some thoughts at another time. For now I will leave you with this photograph of the 22nd USCT’s regimental flag. The reenacting unit took part in today’s ceremony at the Crater.

22nd USCT

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  • Andy Hall Jul 30, 2014

    Day-yamn, Kevin. I’ve seen small black and white images of that design, but not it fully recreated before.

    Not subtle, is it?

  • TF Smith Jul 30, 2014

    Nope, not subtle at all…

    We are Men of War, after all…

    Nice stuff, Kevin.


  • Christopher Shelley Jul 31, 2014

    Holy… It’s, um, evocative, isn’t it?

  • Neil Hamilton Jul 31, 2014

    I didn’t know how rough it could be for tariff collectors. 🙂

    • That caused coffee to shoot out my nose. I need to stop reading these CW blogs first thing in the morning.

    • TF Smith Aug 1, 2014


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